Closures Update

Raw Indian Temple Lace Closures

Thank you for your interest in our Raw Indian Temple Lace Closures. Due to COVID-19, our manufactured closures are currently on hiatus. With our raw hair products being sourced from the Temples of India, we have decided to not accept any new orders for our Raw Indian Temple Lace Closures for several reasons:

  • The pandemic has truly affected the supply chain with raw hair sourced from the Indian temples. Both the temples being closed in India for approximately 4 months and the countless factory shutdowns where no work could be performed to process hair has caused a shortage of raw hair and lace products.
  • As of right now, we are unable to accomodate a reasonable processing time for closure orders due to COVID-19.
  • While closures are currently being manufactured in India, the quality has drastically been reduced due to the shortage in lace materials and the need to rush to create lace products.

As a result, the production of quality Raw Indian Temple Lace Closures is far beyond our control. It’s not just our stock that was dwindled, but the stock in India as well. This is a time of catch up to rebuild inventory and correct the supply chain. Feel free to check back in on this page in the future for updates. Thank you again for your interest and many blessings to you!

Dominique Britton
I Am Covered Hair