Monthly Dropship VIP Membership

$107.76 for now and $25.00 $18.88 for each 1 month

Get access to our monthly Dropship VIP program where we enable you to launch or operate your hair company without you holding any inventory (saving you thousands of dollars)! Once your membership is active, you will be able to login to receive dropship prices on our inventory of 100% Raw Indian Temple Hair Extensions. Once your customer places an order with you, you place an order with us and keep the difference in profit. We will wash, condition, pray, anoint, and bless your customer’s hair prior to packing and shipping the order directly to your customer on your behalf. You get the sale, we do the work and fulfill all of your orders … it’s that simple, manageable, and profitable!

This monthly membership is $18.88 per month and requires a $88.88 one-time sign up fee. This membership must be purchased separately from all other products. No other items will be allowed in your cart when purchasing this membership. If you want to purchase other products, please purchase them in a separate order.

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