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Betrayed! The Secret Truth About Brazilian, Peruvian, And Malaysian VIRGIN HAIR EXTENSIONS

Scam Alert

If you are like us, you can absolutely relate to the upgrade we all made from wearing synthetic beauty store pack hair to the renowned virgin hair extensions we wear today. Now that virgin hair is highly sought after, we as consumers are being flooded with virgin hair extensions coming from different countries. From Instagram to online boutiques, the next best thing is coming from some of everywhere in the world.

Brazilian Virgin Hair.
Peruvian Virgin Hair.
Malaysian Virgin Hair.
Mongolian Virgin Hair.
Did We Miss A Country Yet?!

You may be thinking that any of the above virgin hair extensions have to be real because they are packaged and sold as 100% virgin hair, right? Well, the truth is … it’s all a lie! There’s no such thing. Think about it, when was the last time you saw an exotic Brazilian woman running around with a baldhead? The last time we checked, you’ll find them with beautiful flowing hair and a Brazilian wax sunbathing on one of the best beaches in the world.

Don’t be fooled! Brazilians are NOT giving up enough hair to supply the masses.

The reality is … it’s a marketing ploy by Chinese vendors to create excitement for people like you to buy so-called exotic hair extensions. Here’s secret truth #1 … all of these different exotic hair bundles are simply Indian hair mixed with synthetic fibers, animal hair, leftover hair collected from hair brushes, and/or scraps of fallen hair from salon floors.

Yes … Synthetic fibers, animal hair, leftover hair, & scraps of fallen hair!

Hair On Salon Floor
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Have you choked on your own spit yet after picturing this crap on your head? We definitely did! Since Chinese vendors collect a tremendous amount of hair in this nasty way, you’ll find that the price appears to be cheap once these exotic bundles are sold to you. And what appears to be a good deal from your favorite hair boutique … well, it turns out to be a hot mess and here’s why.

… disguised to keep you wanting more …

This malicious method of collecting so-called virgin hair is super sneaky and is disguised to keep you wanting more. Here’s secret truth #2 … since Chinese vendors collect hair from all over the place, the cuticle for each strand of hair tends to be in all different directions. So, the big cover up leads to secret truth #3 … the hair is dipped in an ACID bath (chemically processed) to remove the cuticles, which means whatever strands were virgin, are NO LONGER VIRGIN HAIR ANYMORE. Have you ever purchased hair that smells like corn chips? If so, this chemical process of acid bathing is why.

… dull, brittle, tangled, matted, and excessive shedding …

Cuticles In Different Directions
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And if all of that is not enough, there’s more to this dirty old scam. Here’s secret truth #4 … the hair is then coated with silicone to make you believe that the hair is silky and shiny. This silicone coat trick gives so-called exotic hair extensions a TEMPORARY shine that will eventually wear off after a few washes, and ultimately result in a dull, brittle, tangled, matted, and excessive shedding mess! And now you know why this type of low quality hair is cheap and does not last very long. If you’ve ever purchased and worn this type of hair, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

If you really want to hear it from the horse’s mouth, check out this email sent to us straight from China.

The Secret Truth About Brazilian, Peruvian, And Malaysian VIRGIN HAIR EXTENSIONS Straight From China

… the best raw and virgin hair is sourced directly from the Temples in India …

So, there you have it! If you are looking for quality raw and virgin hair extensions that last through multiple installs, it’s best to let go of all the fake exotic hair schemes and strictly stick with 100% raw and virgin Indian hair extensions. The reality is … the best raw and virgin hair is sourced directly from the Temples in India, has never been chemically processed, and has all of the cuticles intact and aligned in one direction. Now that you know the TRUTH, go and grab a few 100% raw and virgin Indian hair bundles now!