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Black History Month: Who Invented The Hair Weaving Process?

Christina JenkinsIt’s Black History Month and we could not go without sharing a little history about the woman that changed the hair game for many African American women. We can thank Christina Jenkins for creating the revolutionary “hair weaving process.”

Who is Christina Jenkins?Christina Jenkins US Patent 2621663

Christina Jenkins was born as Christina Mae Thomas in Louisiana. In 1943, she went on to graduate from Leland College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. While working for a Chicago wig manufacturer in 1949, Christina began to tackle the problem of wigs and hairpieces not staying securely on a customer’s head. This common complaint led her to file for a patent in 1951 for her unique method of permanently attaching commercial hair to live hair dubbed “Hair-weev.” Christina Jenkins received US Patent 2,621,633 for Hair-weev on December 16, 1952.

Christina’s technique of using 3 cords and a weaving device called a weeving frame resulting in a natural weft for attaching commercial hair created massive interest. She ended up moving to Ohio and began teaching Hair-weev to licensed cosmetologists at Christina’s Hair-weev Academy. She also taught her sought after hair weaving process at hair shows across the world. Christina’s hair weaving process invention has resulted in a billion dollar industry. Thank God Christina Jenkins pioneered to the top of the hair industry because the Lord knows I love a good sew in. 💁🏾